Winning Presentations

Workplace Capabilities

Winning Presentations (WP) was our founding pillar in 1990 and today our work in this area continues to create significant and sustainable change for individuals. In this pillar we work across all audiences with a variety of needs from small group department presentations to game-changing presentations at the organisational level.



Days Delivered

WP Level 1 – Essentials

Creating a compelling message

Learning Focus Areas
  • WP foundations
  • WP essentials
  • WP tools and techniques
  • WP visual aids
Business ROI
  • Clear and consistent messaging
  • Employee confidence
  • Listening to the quiet achievers

WP Level 2 – Extension

Influencing audiences to take action

Learning Focus Areas
  • WP presenting with influence
  • WP storytelling in business
  • WP virtual presentations
  • Managing audience interaction
Business ROI
  • Strong focus on calls-to-actions
  • Connecting people together
  • Delivery of performance outcomes

WP Level 3 – Masterclass

Mastering high stakes presentations

Learning Focus Areas
  • Own the space and the silence
  • Read and re-engage audiences
  • Build trust and believability
  • Handling challenges, roadblocks and surprises
Business ROI
  • Alignment between leaders and values
  • Ability to create long-lasting change
  • Employee confidence in the organisation

Facilitating Learning and Groups

Guiding and managing a group to achieve a set of outcomes

Learning Focus Areas
  • Facilitating learning
  • Facilitating meetings – face to face and virtual
  • Facilitating group dynamics
  • Train the trainer
Business ROI
  • High quality outcomes are achieved
  • Employee engagement in the process
  • Groups own the outcome