Workplace Capabilities

With a focus on strengthening culture, maximising performance and building employee engagement, our Leadership pillar meets the current and future needs of emerging leaders through to executives.



Days Delivered

Leading People

Inspiring others to deliver the best of themselves and each other

Learning Focus Areas
  • Emotionally intelligent leadership
  • Building high performance culture
  • Leading by role modelling
  • Empowering and inspiring people
Business ROI
  • Employees reach their full potential
  • Retention of top talent
  • Alignment of organisational values

Leading Teams

Investing in the performance of teams

Learning Focus Areas
  • Behaviours of cohesive teams
  • Enabling open communication
  • Identify and harness strengths and differences
  • Managing geographically remote teams
Business ROI
  • Teams deliver on stretch goals
  • A culture of one team
  • Team alignment and accountability

Leading Diversity

Leveraging differences to get an even better result

Learning Focus Areas
  • Using DISC to understand people and difference
  • Leading across the generations
  • Women in leadership
  • Encouraging inclusive behaviour in the team
Business ROI
  • Synergy across the team: 1 + 1 = 3
  • Inclusiveness and compassion
  • A culture of innovation

Leading Performance

Creating a culture of sustained excellence

Learning Focus Areas
  • The power of feedback
  • Coaching for peak performance
  • Effective delegating
  • Managing performance conversations
Business ROI
  • Alignment on expectations/standards
  • Accountability for performance
  • A ruthless focus on execution

Leading Change

Guiding others through tactical and strategic change

Learning Focus Areas
  • Leading people through change
  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • Inspiring change readiness and engagement
  • The power of trying and failing
Business ROI
  • A workforce that’s ready for change
  • Successful change implementation
  • A culture of innovation