Winning Presentations - Public


From beginners looking to harness their hidden presentation talents to seasoned presenters wanting to find their presentation edge.

Winning Presentations Public at Maura Fay Learning focuses on the presenter’s ability to own the room to engage the audience and deliver clear and consistent messaging, whether at an intimate meeting, a networking event, or even to a crowd filled auditorium.

A message received is in many ways only as strong as its delivery. At Maura Fay Learning, we create a safe yet challenging learning space for people to improve some deeply ingrained behaviours, then action and implement practical strategies to build themselves into better presenters and communicators who deliver clear and consistent messaging to engage their audience.

Winning Presentations Foundations Program at Maura Fay Learning features practical activities that harness hidden presentation talents and build on the presenter’s natural confidence, from how to hold oneself to what to say and how to say it. Then we work on crafting presentation content so that it matches this newfound confidence. Practice is recorded and video-reviewed with feedback and coaching provided so improvements can be made in the moment. Actors and coaches demonstrate, coach, inspire and educate on the highs and lows so that a winning presentation is delivered every time.


At the completion of “Winning Presentations Public”, you will be able to

  • Apply nerve management techniques to reduce nervous gestures and project positive body language.
  • Make a lasting impression through positive visual, vocal and verbal signals.
  • Project vocal volume with precision and articulation and apply vocal techniques to increase vocal and verbal flexibility.
  • Apply the three components of the preparation pyramid; research, building and resources.
  • Create impact statements for targeted audience call to actions.
  • Apply a mind map technique that identifies the structure of a presentation.
  • Utilise rehearsed gesture to make a positive impact and to bring the point home.
  • Present visual aids effectively and with purpose – less is more.
  • Apply strategies to manage audience dynamics, whether in an intimate meeting or to a large audience.
  • Prepare and structure content that delivers a clear and consistent message.
  • Manage both small and large audience dynamics confidently.

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Course Date:

15th May 2019 - 16th May 2019
2 day event
9am - 5 pm


The Grace Hotel, Sydney


$1,800.00+GST/ea × 
Inclusive of morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea